Smart Mobile Studio 2.1.2

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  • Fixed support of expressions in array insert.
  • FloatToStr is now overloaded rather than a function with a default parameter.
  • Added support for + and += operators for array concatenation.
  • Fixed issue with overloaded methods and public/private scoping.
  • Fixed scoping issues with helpers.
  • Added support for the ‘library’ keyword.
  • Parser supports default property of a property. Example: someObject.stringDictionary['abc'] := ‘123’;
  • Relaxed Gabelou for fields of external classes.
  • Eliminated TObject dependency from some external-class related codegen.


  • Fixed: ‘Code packing’ option was not stored.
  • Preferences not defaulted properly after a re-installation


  • Fixed some minor issues and UTF-8 encoding in the RTL
  • Shims.InternetExplorer is included if SMART_LEGACY_INTERNET_EXPLORER conditional symbol is defined.
  • Fixed setting style attributes in SmartCL.Borders.
  • Fixed code that sets font family in TW3CustomFont.
  • Added property .TextContent.
  • Added SmartCL.Controls.ScrollBox to SmartCL.Controls.
  • Removed deprecated unit warning in DataSnap.pas
  • Added JEventTarget overload (needed for older browsers).
  • Added Method, StatusClass, and URL properties to TW3HttpRequest.
  • Added Timeout and OnTimeout properties to TW3HttpRequest.
  • Added THttpHeaders class to SmartCL.Inet.
  • Added unit SmartCL.Inet.REST which simplifies sending REST requests.
  • Added function Test to string helpers in SmartCL.RegEx.
  • Fixed default Header / Toolbar controls inverse gradient colors.
  • Fixed OnTouch event handling for controls that can accept focus (memo, edit).


  • A Smart Book Demos are converted to 2.1 format.