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  • Linker error caused by DWS filter in HTML/CSS files are reported.
  • Added ability to cast JS “Variant” to arrays.
  • Added support for initializing record fields inline in class/record declarations.
  • Better error in case of invalid array syntax.
  • Fixed issues with symbol table handling.
  • Inline resources ({$R file:’…’}) are linked properly.
  • Non-empty set constants are supported as parameters and default parameters.
  • Added support for integer<->set conversion for small sets.
  • Local (in project folder) copies of RTL files take priority during the compilation.
  • Fixed support for ‘break’ statement inside a ‘case’ statement.
  • Fixed operator precedence, operators now evaluate just like in Delphi.


  • Fixed several memory corruption problems.
  • Breakpoints are disabled when debugging is not enabled.
  • JavaScript file name is shown in the stack frame.


  • Added resource string export.
  • When Custom CSS was selected in project options, CSS file did not appear in the Project Manager.
  • Improved Basic edition (non-functional parts are not shown).
  • Fixed “Find in Files” which reported unit name instead of file name.
  • Fixed a rare issue with QR code generation.
  • Full path name is shown in a tab hint.
  • Console messages are shown correctly when built-in browser is used.
  • Category for components can be set in the package builder.
  • A warning is displayed if package compilation fails during IDE load.
  • “ZIP entire project” was not working properly.
  • Fixed label display on the welcome page.
  • F3 function key was not working on the Source page of the built-in browser.
  • Improved serving of text files.
  • Fixed unicode character handling in forms.
  • Unit was not marked as saved after a new project was saved for the first time.
  • Suggestions are not invoked inside a string.
  • DataSnap proxy generator DLL is included in the installer.
  • Unopened files were not saved after ‘Make item external’.
  • Improved loading times for large and old Base64 encoded projects.
  • Fixed ‘asm’ statement detection in highlighter.
  • More than one external source file can be added in one step.
  • Fixed execution in external browser – when started twice in a row without closing Brower/Server window, source was not reloaded in the external browser.
  • Fixed occasional execution problems.
  • If an error occurs when executing program in internal browser, cursor jumps to the JavaScript source line which caused the error.


  • Added bunch of W3C APIs.
  • Added Tizen APIs.
  • Improved GLScene libraries.
  • Fixed problem when InitializeObject was called twice for forms in old (pre-2.1) projects.
  • CSS theme cleanup.
  • Fixed w3_getElementByName.


  • Added example for XMLHttpRequest.
  • Updated all contest demos [GraphicsDemo, Afternoon Walk, Real Fire, RetroBalls, Biotopia, PolyDNA] to the new format (including minor fixes related to changes in v2.1).