Smart Mobile Studio 2.0.1

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  • Fixed compiler bugs.
  • Fixed command-line compiler.
  • Project, Show application unit could be executed when no project was open which resulted in access violation error.
  • Expand classes and Expand all actions in the Unit structure window were disabled for external forms.
  • Alignment problems of the component palette when program is not started maximized.
  • In-memory state was not refreshed after RTL reindex.
  • If the RTL database cannot be loaded during startup (even if index file exists), it is automatically reindexed.
  • Access violation in Options if no project is selected.
  • Program terminated instead of asking for license when not running maximized and valid license was not found.
  • Fixed implementation of the Focused property.
  • Fixed TPointF.Displace function. Better implementation of TPoint.AngleTo and TPointF.AngleTo.
  • Fixed project loading code. Project files referring to missing files can now be opened.
  • Fixed links on Welcome page.


  • Disabled Project.Export project, which was not implemented.
  • Disabled Build Documentation menu which was not fully implemented.
  • Exception logging is built into product.
  • Updated CSS for the grid component.
  • Class Browser is temporarily disabled (it was not working properly). We’ll fix it in the next “normal” release.

New Features

  • Added grid methods TW3Grid.AddCells, TW3Columns.Clear, TW3Columns.Delete and properties TW3Column.Alignment, TW3Column.Color.
  • Added grid demo.

Known issues

  • [CTRL] + Click on a unit might open the wrong file if Source Maps are/were used for debugging and the directory ..\www\debug is still present.