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New functionality

  • Added command line compiler smsc.
  • Added support for external variables and external class variables.
  • Scriptable HTML templates and CSS scripts.
  • CSS is compressed during compilation.
  • New ways to include an external resource:
    • {$R ‘resource.js’} or {$R ‘file:resource.js’} will copy the resource to the ‘res’ folder during compilation and link it into the program ("< script >" statement will be generated in the HTML code or ‘require’ will be generated for NodeJS code).
    • {$R ‘http://server/path/script.js’} or {$R ‘https://server/path/script.js’} will just link the code to the program without copying anything.
    • You can specify MIME type for the resource by prefixing it to the resource name: {$R ‘text/javascript:http://server/path/file.php’}. If the MIME type is not provided, it will be generated automatically from the extension part of the resource name.
  • Compiled program is stored in a ‘www’ subfolder (previously it was stored in a ‘bin’ subfolder).

Improved functionality

  • Improved codegen for static and static sealed classes.
  • Improved codegen for “new JObject”.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed various codegen problems related to constant arrays, external classes and nested records.


New functionality


  • New units: w3WebWorker, w3c.WebSpeechAPI, Chrome.Serial, Firefox\Bluetooth.
  • Added methods to the w3colors unit.

Improved functionality

  • Redesigned (faster) GameView.
  • Improved TW3Button with ‘pressed’ state.
  • More IE shims.
  • Improved W3Effects.
  • Improved ColorToWebStr.
  • Improved TW3BufferedImage.SetSize.
  • Improved compiler messages window.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed System.Diagnostics performance timer fallback (for Safari).
  • Fixed HSL delta methods in w3colors.


New functionality

  • New visual designer.
  • New component package manager.
  • New project file format, incompatible with older Smart versions. Projects are now stored with a .sproj extension and forms with a .sfm extension.
  • New, XML-based preferences file (preferences.xml) replaced INI-based file (preferences.ini).
  • Added NodeJS and WebWorkers project types.
  • Added tool that creates DataSnap service connector (Delphi Enterprise must be installed on the same computer).
  • Build automation with build scripts.
  • Source maps.
  • Lines/blocks can be moved up/down with Alt+Shift+Up/Down.
  • Internal browser allows taking screenshot of the running application.
  • Configuration option “Save projects before compilation”.
  • A project can be compiled and run even if it was never saved.
  • Implemented Open, Save, Save As, Save Project As.
  • Metadata information can be set for a project.
  • IDE state related to the project (open tabs, top line, bookmarks) is stored in the <projectname>.dsk file and is restored when a project is open.
  • Redesigned template (HTML and CSS) handling.
  • Ctrl+click ‘link’ highlighting.
  • Source code change bar to indicate changes (original, modified, saved).
  • Project options for each project type can be configured.
  • Added compilation options ‘Automatically refresh in browser’ and ‘Handle uncaught exceptions’.
  • Added support for defining conditional compilation symbols on a project level.
  • Redesigned ‘run’ experience (

Improved functionality

Project title can contain spaces.

  • Custom HTML & CSS code is now separated from general resources
  • Better structure of project options (removed dead settings)
  • Application adapts to low-resolution displays.
  • Improved HTML highlighter, now supports embedded JavaScript, DWS, and CSS.
  • Dotted unit names are supported.
  • Snippets are stored in a separate folder, one snippet per file.
  • Redesigned server/internal browser forms and execution options.
  • Added shortcuts to toggle Compiler Messages and Mini Map visibility.
  • Improved renaming of units.

Bugs fixed

  • Code completion works in .spr files.
  • Highlighter preview (in Preferences) uses currently selected editor font.
  • Configured editor font is correctly displayed when Preview dialog is open.

Removed functionality

  • Compact toolbar.
  • Exit button in the toolbar.
  • Removed ‘Visual components project (New Project Script Demo)’ project type.


New functionality

  • New demos: eSpeak, TransitionEffects, Complex Numbers.
  • Added touch and acceleration support to the “Box2D Demo” project.


  • Renamed some demos (removed ‘by XXXX’).


  • Removed demo “Box2D Integration”