Smart Mobile Studio 1.0.1

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The IDE (and the installer):

  • Hi-res application icon
  • Shortcut to RTL-, Demos- and Libraries folders in the Windows Start Menu
  • Shortcut to the project’s folder from the project structure’s context menu
  • Fixed TToolbar skinning-bug
  • Fixed missing support for spaces in the project’s application title
  • Added simple mouse-over information
  • Added CTRL+Click feature (goto declaration)
  • Added RemObjects SDK wizard
  • Fixed size issue and font issue for the CTRL+Space window
  • Fixed problem with unit scanner not listing all methods
  • Added preference settings for unit scanner
  • Added unit wrappers for WebGl
  • Fixed problem with include files in projects folder
  • Updated Chromium Embedded browser (removed exception when closing a media project)
  • Added support for customizable preview sizes (in preferences)
  • Added several demos
  • Applied the Pascal Language Coding Style Guidelines to (most of) the RTL, most Demos and the “new code” generators

Language features:

  • External classes
  • Partial classes
  • DateTime functions
  • Static arrays with negative bounds
  • Inline record constants
  • Support publishing records as JSON
  • Fields initialization
  • Anonymous records
  • Adding static array to dynamic array
  • Operator overloads scoped and supported in units
  • Helper properties
  • Defined() for variants, classes and connectors
  • Dynamic anonymous records
  • Source map support
  • Tolerate, but ignore, “of object” and “reference to”
  • CodeGen improvements
  • Record expr optimization
  • Helper methods for operator overloading